Our walk to Trolltunga was 10 hour-long mountain hike. 7 hours there, and 3 hours back. It wasn't our longest day or longest distance for a day at all, but it felt like. Thanks to 10 kg backpacks. And rain. And enveloping wet clouds. And dirt under our feet. We made one huge mistake when we decided to camp there. Because when we reached the place, it became very obvious that it's not the place for camping at this time of year - cold, windy, wet. So we had to return very quickly because night was very close. Way back was much easier, but still we didn't reach the starting point, so we set up our tent right before funicular, in total darkness, hoping that it's not prohibited. In the early morning we returned to Odda, dripping wet, frozen and hungry. But well, it was fun and felt like some insane adventure, so we left Odda in high spirits.

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