Faroe Islands #1

We came to Faroe Islands a bit tired right after our hike to Trolltunga, so our 5 days of staying there became less senseless, while actually it was about prices for a flight to Iceland.
So, Faroe Islands are very similar everywhere, therefore you become kind of "tired" of those unreal landscapes very soon. But what makes it different every time is weather - it changes very fast, so you can see few rainbows, clear sky, fog everywhere, cute clouds, rainy storm, and etc in just a single day. We did not travel too much around Faroe Islands, just checked their capital Tórshavn one day, Leitisvatn cliffs another, and Gasadalur just before our flight to Iceland. The rest of the time we were staying and walking around Sandavágur.
Well, just every time when you look at those landscapes you think "I'm looking on some 3d rendered pictures or paintings, right?". I don't know how to feel it as something real, because you can't touch cliffs and islands staying in 1 km from you. Maybe you can climb to some mountain top, but again, you will see some postcard, but not something you can touch and feel. And it is puzzling in some way. Maybe it is just something wrong with me (or with us, my friends told me the same things). But OK, at least I saw it with my own eyes, and it's not worthless at all. And I felt very comfortable there, it's calm and quiet. I think it's one of the best places on the Earth if you are very tired of people and big cities.