Near Krafla


We’ve not reached Krafla because of some strange circumstances. Well, the way to the caldera was amazing too, sometimes felt like we’ve landed on Mars.



Akureyri is beautiful. But I have almost no pictures from there. Maybe because this town is beautiful mainly not as a picture, but as a place where I felt myself very comfortable.

Faroe Islands #1


We came to Faroe Islands a bit tired right after our hike to Trolltunga, so our 5 days of staying there became less senseless, while actually it was about prices for a flight to Iceland. So, Faroe Islands are very … Continue reading



Our walk to Trolltunga was 10 hour-long mountain hike. 7 hours there, and 3 hours back. It wasn’t our longest day or longest distance for a day at all, but it felt like. Thanks to 10 kg backpacks. And rain. … Continue reading



Way to Odda from Bergen was incredible, but when we arrived at Odda we’ve been astonished ten time more than in Bergen. Because it’s like someone took all the best things from Bergen, multiplied it, left any “big tourist city” … Continue reading



We arrived at Bergen in the night. We had to pass it two times: by the way to Trolltunga, and by the way to Faroe Islands. But these a night, a day and and an evening later was actually just … Continue reading



We came to Stockholm just for one night. I had no time to feel this city deeply. But this is a comfy place. Maybe expensive, but well, all Scandinavia is expensive, and Sweden is not the first in the list. … Continue reading



Well, we returned to our little hell. Yesterday in the train from Helsinki we were discussing one strange thing – we traveled almost the whole month, but it feels like we started just yesterday. Trying to find at least one … Continue reading